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"We enjoy the grass fed ground beef. We like having less fat and more flavor in the meat.

- Tanya G.


"It was absolutely worth the drive from Orlando to pick up. They exceeded my expectations!"

- Sarina W.

French Dip Sandwich

"Delicious beef! Having a steak tonight - it is lean but still juicy and tender."

- The Muschedes 

"The quality of the beef is top notch and being double wrapped makes it much better for long term freezer storage. Will definitely buy more from Haw Creek for our beef needs."

- Shawn W. 

"Nicely packaged and labeled. After tasting this meat, I will never go back to store bought products."

- J. Slaga

"We love the hamburger! Couldn’t imagine getting meat anywhere else!!!!"

- Michael L. 

T-Bone Steak
T-Bone Steak

"I could instantly see and smell the freshness and lack of over-processed meat. Loved how there was no grease to drain and how great the meat taste. We will be definitely a repeat customer!"

- Jennifer G. 

"Their customer service was fantastic, always responded quickly and very very kind and organized. Great experience!"

- Kate E. 

"I bought this cow for 3 families to split and man, we all agree we got a prime cow, it is so delicious. I had to drive the meat 3 hours to Tampa and it never broke a sweat. The packing and packaging was a plus!"

- Christy L. 

Ribeye Steak

"This is quite possibly the leanest beef I've ever had, and I've never seen beef fall off the bone quite so literally. It's full of flavor and the packing is superior. While defrosting there has been minimal leakage and there has been no meat juices at the bottom of my fridge.

You won't regret buying Haw Creek Cattle! "

- The Raymonds


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