"Some of the best steaks I’ve ever had! Tender and delicious thanks to all the love and work that they put into these cows." - The Kays


"These steaks are lip smackin' good!" - The Purvises

"I've been reserving my review until I had a chance to taste what I had. This is quite possibly the leanest beef I've ever had, and I've never seen beef fall off the bone quite so literally. It's full of flavor, and the packing is superior. While defrosting there has been minimal leakage with the hamburger meat only. All the other cuts have been completely contained and there has been no meat juices at the bottom of my fridge. You won't regret buying Haw Creek Cattle! Also, I didn't realize how much salt was put in the beef at your local grocery store. This is so much better!"

- The Raymonds

"Excellent!!!! Great flavor!" - The Stephens

"Delicious beef! Having a steak tonight - it is lean but still juicy and tender." - The Muschedes