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Meet The Family

Boyd Family

Haw Creek Cattle Company is owned and operated by local Florida rancher, Jacob Boyd and his wife Jessica Boyd. 

Jacob comes from a long line of Florida Crackers dating all the way back to the 1500's. His great-grandparents moved from Ft. Christmas, FL to Bunnell, Fl in 1933 to escape the tick epidemic and raise more cattle. Jacob's Grandad, Raymond F. Tucker, followed in those footsteps by returning to Bunnell after getting his degree at The University of Florida to manage the family ranch which he later named Haw Creek Ranch. Raymond went on to open many different businesses but cattle remained one of his biggest passions.

That passion for cattle was passed on to his children, specifically, Brenda Boyd who, along with her Husband Mike Boyd and children, own and operate the cattle and horse ranch today. 

Mike and Brenda Boyd

Their youngest son, Jacob lives on the ranch with his wife Jessica and 3 children.

That zeal for raising cattle passed from many generations didn't stop at Jacob as he and his wife established  Haw Creek Cattle Company. 

"Our goal is to bring you fresh, quality, local BEEF at a fair price."

- The Boyds

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