Fresh Beef & Availability

We offer a variety of BEEF package options as follows:

Our beef packages will be cut, wrapped, and frozen before pick up.

Once you have selected your desired package, please contact us to place your order on the "Contact Us" page or through our social media pages.

A deposit  will be due upon ordering and can be made by Cash or Debit/ Credit Card. 

When purchasing a Quarter, Half, or Whole cow you will receive varying amounts of the following cuts of meat :

Sirloin Tip Roasts

Sirloin Steaks

Shoulder Roasts


Short Ribs

Chuck Roasts

Ground Beef

Neck bones

T-Bone Steaks

Rump Roasts

London Broil

Rib Steaks

Cube Steaks

Club Steaks

Soup Meat

*Organs and Ox Tail Upon Request

*Please note that amount of cuts vary depending on size of cow.

$200 Deposit due upon ordering and remaining balance due when Beef is picked up.

Beef Boxes

Beef Boxes are smaller packages of grass fed or grain fed beef, each package varies but will contain a variety or steaks, roasts, and ground beef.

Boxes are offered every couple of months and will be posted in the "availability" section below and on our social media pages.

Example of beef boxes we have previously offered.

example of beef boxes
example of beef boxes

On The Hoof

Live cow we take to the butcher of your choice. You are responsible for processing fees and pick up from butcher.

Call for pricing.


8/2/21 : 4 Grass Fed/ Grain Finished Quarters 

Quarter: $853.20

Hanging Weight 177.75 lbs

9/20/21 : 1 Grass Fed/ Grass Finished Quarter

Quarter: $721.60

Hanging Weight 164 lbs

Grass Fed Beef Boxes coming week of Sept. 20th.

Check our Facebook page for details!

Interested in something not mentioned on our site?

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